Stop 4

Stop 4- Coconino Rowhouse & Sierra Vista Motel

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Craftsmen used local Moenkopi sandstone, a sedimentary rock, to build the row house at 17 East Phoenix in 1926. You might recognize that it’s the same sandstone that the first permanent train depot, and other historic buildings in Flagstaff, are made. The row house was purpose-built as a boarding house and apartments, and you can tell that after all these years, it still serves the same purpose. In contrast, the building material for the adjacent The Sierra Vista Motel is a different local rock. This is igneous rock from nearby Mount Elden. Flagstaff lies on a volcanic field, and you’ll see this volcanic rock in many of the older homes and garden walls around historic downtown Flagstaff.

9 East Phoenix Avenue, Flagstaff, Arizona 86001, United States